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About Thinking advantage

Thinking advantage in Darwin, Northern Territory, is here to help school aged children with specific learning and educational concerns.  The focus of help at Thinking advantage  is assessments for learning and attention disorders (e.g., ADHD).

Thinking advantage is a small practice focused on providing personalised help for children and their families.  There is no big admin team or fancy waiting room.  The focus is on individual needs and a prompt assessment process.

Assessments for learning


Why children might need an assessment

When children are having learning difficulties they are sometimes referred to a psychologist for testing.  This testing can help plan for interventions, and potentially, diagnosis. 


Specific learning disorders in the areas of reading, writing and mathematics are some of the most common concerns assessed at Thinking advantage.  Specific learning disorders are sometimes referred to by other names like dyslexia.  Giftedness, attention difficulties and intellectual concerns are also common assessments at Thinking advantage.

Preparing for an assessment

Assessments for learning disorders, intellectual impairments and ADHD all require the involvement of a paediatrician for formal diagnosis.  Having completed recent hearing and vision tests is also important before starting any learning assessments with a psychologist.  

Assessments and treatment for ASD are not offered at Thinking advantage.

Attention disorders

Why children may need help with attention

Treating disorders like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)often involves a team of professionals such as a paediatrician, psychologist and tutor.  A psychologist can help treat ADHD by:​

  • teaching ways to manage strong emotions;

  • offering strategies to be more organised;

  • teaching memory and attention strategies;

  • identifying skills for building motivation.

School students with ADHD can also find it useful to learn how to study and manage their learning.  Identifying the unique strengths and needs of each child is important so that strategies can be individualised for every student.

Dr Szarkowicz is a member of the Australian ADHD Professionals Association (AADPA) and has a special interest in working with all types of ADHD.

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