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Common questions

Q:  Do I need a referral?

A:  Children do not need a referral for an appointment.  If your child does have a referral and you would like an appointment either email or call to arrange a time.  As families can change their mind after getting a referral, or some referrals do not include contact details, Dr Sharky does not make contact with families when she directly receives referrals from GPs and paediatricians.  This also allows families to easily change their mind or follow up on appointments in a time that suits them.  


Q:  How many appointments will we need?

A:  This will depend on individual needs.  At Thinking advantage assessments can generally be completed in one or two appointments.  Treatment may take multiple appointments depending on how serious the presentation is.  

Q:  Do children need to return for appointments as they grow?

A:  Children often return for "top up" appointments based on their developmental needs.  For example, students may return at the start of a new school year to expand on their coping skills or children return to gain new strategies for anxiety that match their growing thinking skills.  Often these return visits are a "one off" or every couple of years, depending on the age, maturity and developmental needs of a child.

Q:  Do parents attend appointments with their children?

A:  The test rules for most assessments mean that parents are not able to stay during test administration.  For other types of appointments it is common for parents to stay for the whole consult at Thinking advantage.  For older adolescents the option to attend without a parent is available, but for younger children there are great benefits in having a parent present for an appointment.  Parents can provide useful information, gain helpful understandings about what has been taught and followed up on strategies and skills after appointments.

Q:  What are the fees?

A:  Fees at Thinking advantage vary depending on the type of service required.  For some types of services a rebate through Medicare or private health insurance extras cover may apply.  Rebates will depend on the type of referral and cover held.  Contact for information based on your individual needs.

Q:  Does Dr Sharky assess for autism (ASD)?

A:  Dr Sharky does not undertake treatment or assessment for autism.

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